Saint Vibiana

    Patroness of Los Angeles and of
    Cathedral Chapel

    Very little is known about St. Vibiana,
    except that she was an early Christian
    Martyr, and that she died about 250 AD.
    We know that she was a virgin because a
    "V" was written after the name on her
    tomb, and a palm branch was also engraved
    thereon, signifying that she died a martyr to
    the Christian faith. Her remains were
    discovered in the ancient catacombs of  
    Rome in 1850.  Soon after that, the Bishop
    of the Diocese of  Monterey, which included
    Los Angeles, asked the Pope for a holy relic
    to take back to the growing Catholic region
    of  California. The Pope agreed to give them
    the remains of St. Vibiana under the
    condition that the Bishop would make her
    the Patron Saint of the area, which he did.  
    Her remains were secured in the downtown
    Cathedral which bears her name until they
    were carefully removed for safekeeping
    until the new Cathedral is finished. Though
    the new Cathedral would be named Our
    Lady Queen of the Angels for Mary, a
    special chapel would be built in St. Vibana's
    name.  However, the "original plan" about
    75 years ago for a new Cathedral would
    never be built.

    How does this fascinating history lesson, and
    the life of an obscure young lady who lived
    1800 years ago fit into our parish life today?
    With a little imagination, we can picture a
    gentle woman of incredibly strong faith, who
    is a member of a persecuted religious group
    founded on fantastic tales of miracles and
    resurrections, but above all united by the
    love of God and devotion to one's brothers
    and sisters. She loves children, as did our
    Lord, and she works tirelessly with the sick
    and the elderly, bringing them hope and
    comfort, along with a loving smile. We
    cannot fail to be inspired by such a Christian
    ideal, whether ancient or contemporary, and
    we suggest that, to truly honor our
    we re-dedicate ourselves to our beloved
    parish community.

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